School Tools

School Tools are teaching materials and interesting objects for learning and play. Visit the catalog to see which toolkits are available now or come browse the display in the Children's Room of the Central Library!  

You must come to the Children's Room of the Central Library to check out a School Tool, or you can call 401-943-9080 x4 with your library card number ready to reserve a toolkit and have it sent to any Cranston Public Library location for pick-up. School Tools cannot be picked up at libraries outside of Cranston.

Schools Tools can be checked out for 3 weeks and must be returned to a Cranston Public Library location. If the toolkit you want is checked out, please call 401-943-9080 x4 for more information. 

Please fill out this form to request books to go with any of the toolkits.


See which Art toolkits are available.

Roll-up Keyboard Toolkit

This kit includes a roll-up keyboard with 50 rainbow-colored keys and a power cord. 

Use it to teach the relationship between tones, such as whole and half steps, scales, and chords.

It pairs well with the Blue Moo book and CD--play along by ear!



See which Life Skills toolkits are available.

Play Cash Register Toolkit

This kit includes a play cash register with play money and a toy credit card. The cash register is a working calculator and the play money includes pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and one, five, ten and twenty dollar bills.  

Use it to teach money, budgeting, and adding and subtracting with decimals.

It pairs well with the balance scale kit for grocery store simulations.


Sewing Machine Toolkit

This kit contains a small sewing machine, thread, craft scissors, pins, a measuring tape, and some fabric. You may use as much of the fabric and thread as you like!

Use it to practice sewing in a straight line, cutting and tracing shapes, and measuring and folding.

It pairs well with our puppet theater toolkit (coming soon!). Sewing a hand puppet is a great beginner project!



See which Literacy toolkits are available.

Beginner Phonics Cubes Tooklit 

This kit incudes connectable cubes with the letters of the alphabet and cards with three letter words to build.

Use it to teach letter sounds, spelling, and sounding out words.

It pairs well with the books in the Flip-a-Word series.


Rhyming Words Toolkit

This kit contains two games: Fox in a Box and Snap it Up! Word Families.

Use the components of the two games to find and make rhyming words, match words and objects, and learn about "word families."

This kit pairs well with the Beginner Phonics Cubes Toolkit and I Spy books.



See which Mathematics toolkits are available.

Base 10 Blocks Toolkit

This kit contains blocks representing the ones, tens, and hundreds place, as well as one block representing 1,000. 

Use it to teach place value and visualize operations.

It pairs well with A Visual Guide to Math.


Numbers Bingo Toolkit

This kit contains the game "Zingo 1-2-3," a bingo game with 6 double-sided bingo cards and a "Zinger" that dispenses number tiles.

Use it to teach number recognition and simple addition.

It pairs well with the Number Pegs Toolkit.


Number Pegs Toolkit

This kit includes 100 stacking pegs and boards with the numbers 1 to 10. 

Use it to teach number recognition, counting, and subsitizing. 

It pairs well with the Numbers Bingo toolkit.



See which Science toolkits are available.

Balance Scale Toolkit

This kit contains a see-inside bucket balance scale, a set of gram weights, liquid measuring cups, funnels, measuring tapes, and a set of measuring spoons. 

Use it to teach weights and measures, the scientific method, the metric system, and estimating and counting.

It pairs well with a bag of dried beans and a book like Ton.

Dash Robot with Sketch Toolkit

This kit contains a Dash robot with charger and Lego adapter, activity cards, and a Sketch kit with markers you can attach to the robot. Please note: you will need to download a free Wonder Workshop app to your own device to program the robot. 

Use it to teach drag-and-drop coding, including conditionals and loops, or just work on linear directions and geometric patterns.

It pairs well with Legos and a giant sheet of paper.

Microscope Toolkit

This kit includes a  6-inch microscope that magnifies up to 900x, 24 slides of plant and animal matter, and equipment to make your own temporary slides.

Use it to teach about structures in biology and the scientific method.

It pairs well with the Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope and things you find in nature like leaves, pollen, and a bit of pond water.


Ozobot Toolkit

This kit contains 2 small robots that follow lines drawn on paper, as well as markers and instructions for color codes that make the robots do different things.

Use it to teach basic coding, logic, and problem solving.

It pairs well with the Scratch Jr app and coding cards.



See which Social Studies toolkits are available.

Legendary Inventors Toolkit

This kit contains the tabletop boardgame Legendary Inventors, which is recommended for ages 10 & up. 

Use it to teach about famous inventors, the history of technology, and the importance of collaboration in scientific discovery.

It pairs well with biographies of inventors like Lives of the Scientists: Experiments, Explosions, and What the Neighbors Thought and makes a great jumping off point for choosing an invention or inventor to study in more detail.


U.S. Geography Toolkit

This kit contains a U.S. Map puzzle, a how to draw the states book, and a Guess in 10 card game with a trivia card for each state.

Use it to teach geography, memorize state capitals, or learn about making maps.

It pairs well with the books The Scrambled States of America  and How to Make a Cherry Pie and see the U.S.A. as well as any atlas of the United States. (Try a Road Atlas from the adult collection!)


World Globe Toolkit

This kit contains a hands-on teaching globe, a deck of Geocards with the outline of 50 different countries, a measuring tape, a magnifying glass, and a toy car and plane.

Use it to teach continents, latitude and longitude--even seasons and weather if you're feeling ambitious!

It pairs well with the Solar System kit (coming soon!).