Request for Reconsideration of Materials


The choice of library materials by patrons is an individual matter.  The library recognizes that some materials may be controversial or offensive to an individual, but maintains that individuals can apply their values only to themselves. Parents and legal guardians have the responsibility and right to guide the values of their children. As such, parents and legal guardians are responsible for the materials that their children borrow and should make decisions accordingly. No one can exercise censorship to restrict access to library materials by others.

The Cranston Public Library supports intellectual freedom and endorses the American Library Association (ALA) Freedom to Read Statement, Freedom to View Statement, the Library Bill of Rights and all relevant interpretations.  Patrons requesting reconsideration of library materials must complete the Cranston Public Library Request for Reconsideration form (below) in its entirety.  Only signed forms will be considered. The Library Director will acknowledge receipt of the form within two weeks.

The relevant library staff will review the library material to ascertain whether it meets the standards set forth in the library’s Collection Development Policy, and will make a written recommendation to the Library Director as to the validity of the request. During this process the material in question will remain on the shelf and available for circulation.

The Library Director, after reviewing the recommendation, will render a decision as to whether the library material remains on the shelf or is removed from the collection and will notify the patron of said decision. A final appeal may be made to the Library Board of Trustees.
A copy of the request form without identifying patron information will be sent to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Download the Request for Reconsideration form here

Approved by the Cranston Public Library Board of Trustees 9/9/2015

Revised by the Cranston Public Library Board of Trustees 12/8/2021