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Call to hear a new poem each week!


CPL is pleased to bring poetry to our patrons, all without leaving the comfort of home—no Internet, computer, or smart phone required.

A recorded, previously published poem, read by CPL staff, will be available each week (usually on Tuesday afternoons). Call 401-900-1090 to listen. Sometimes we will record a (very) short story or essay instead of a poem, so be sure to check back weekly to hear what’s in store.

Do you have a suggestion for a great poem*? We’d love to hear about it. Questions or comments about this service can be emailed to ontheline@cranstonlibrary.org.

Click here to read a list of On the Line's recorded poems.

Want to learn more about poetry? Try some of these free online resources:
PBS Poetry in America
Poetry Foundation Collections
Poetry Magazine podcast
International Poetry Circle on Twitter
Cave Canem
Poetry Society of America Resource Page
Poets & Writers
Poetry Project

Please note: Children are not the target audience for this service. Recordings will always be family-friendly but might contain reference to complex or abstract themes.

Cranston Public Library is indebted to staff at Princeton Public Library for the inspiration for this service and the sharing of expertise.

*At least one published work by the poet must be owned by at least one Ocean State Libraries location as found in the online catalog.

Call 401-900-1090 to listen to a new poem each week!