Exploration Station at Cranston Public Library

Come Explore Possibilities for Assistive Technology at the Exploration Station at the Cranston Public Library!

Do you have a difficult time seeing the computer screen?

Is it difficult for you to use a mouse or keyboard?

Do you need to hear what you are reading to understand it?

If you can't use your hands, what can help you use the computer?

Have you had a hard time finding a way to use a computer?

The Exploration Station at CPL is a place to explore technology and use a computer in a variety of assistive ways.

The station has...

  • Two computers - PC and Apple
  • Large screens
  • Moveable arms for positioning
  • Different kinds of keyboards
  • Different kinds of computer mice
  • Large print keys
  • Switch access
  • Sound and headphones
  • Print scanning
  • Screen reading and other kinds of access (using PC and Apple computers)