Exploration Station at Cranston Public Library

Come Explore Possibilities for Assistive Technology at the Exploration Station at the Cranston Public Library!

Do you have a difficult time seeing the computer screen?

Do you need to hear what you are reading to understand it?

Have you had a hard time finding a way to use a computer?

The Exploration Station at CPL is a place to explore technology and use a computer in a variety of assistive ways.

The Exploration Station is available during Open Tech Time (Tuesdays & Thursday from 2:30 - 4:30pm) or by appointment. 

The station has...

  • A PC Computer
  • Apple iPad
  • Large monitor screen
  • Moveable arms for positioning
  • Keyboad with large print keys
  • Switch access
  • Sound and headphones
  • Print scanning
  • Screen reading software