Cranston Public Library Awarded 2020 Jerry Kline Community Impact Prize

We are honored to announce that Cranston Public Library has been chosen as the winner of the second annual Jerry Kline Community Impact Prize. Developed in partnership between the Gerald M. Kline Family Foundation and Library Journal, this award recognizes the public library as a vital community asset. 

“I’m very excited that the Cranston Public Library has won the prestigious Jerry Kline national community impact award.” said Cranston Mayor, Allan Fung.  “Our CPL has been a wonderful resource for our ever changing and growing population. They’re innovating to meet the needs of the people they serve daily.  I can’t thank the Kline Foundation enough for recognizing the hard work and innovation that our Director, Board and staff have been doing to help make us one of the best library systems in the country.”

The library will receive $250,000 from the Gerald M. Kline Family Foundation and is showcased in LJ’s November 2020 issue, available in print and online.

We envision the $250,000 prize being placed in an investment account by our foundation, the Cranston Public Library Association, to ensure the funds can be used for innovative library programs and services well into the future" said Library Director, Ed Garcia.

“Library Director Ed Garcia leads this team from a place of extraordinary trust, giving staff the freedom to explore and experiment with new service models, new programs, and new initiatives. Our staff is committed to customer service, and we follow his model of saying yes more than we say no,” said Assistant Library Director Julie Holden, who is also the president of the Rhode Island Library Association.