**Arlington branch closed indefinitely - Visit https://cranstonlibrary.org/arlington-closure for more info.**

Borrowing Information


Material Loan Period Overdue Fine
Adult books, magazines, audiobooks  3 weeks + 2 automatic renewals No Fines
Adult Feature Films (DVDs and Blu-rays) and Video Games 7 days + 2 automatic renewals No Fines
Non-fiction DVDs & Blu-rays and Music CDs  3 weeks + 2 automatic renewals No Fines
Children's & Teen books, audiobooks, music CDs, non-fiction DVDs & Blu-rays 3 weeks + 2 automatic renewals No Fines
Children's Feature Films (DVDs and Blu-rays) 7 days + 2 automatic renewals No Fines
All Express Books 7 days (no renewals, no holds) 50¢ per day
All Express DVDs 2 days (no renewals, no holds) $1.00 per day
Bingeboxes 3 weeks (no renewals, no holds) $1.00 per day
Cool Tools (ages 18+) 7 days (no renewals, no holds) $5.00 per day
Museum Passes Same day (no renewals) $5.00 per day
eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming movies from the eZone Varies No Fines/Never Overdue
Borrowing information pertains to the Cranston Public Library only.  Other libraries in the Ocean State Libraries network may have different loan rules, renewal policies, and fine structures.  


Renewals are automatic if no one else is waiting for the item.  Most items will be renewed for 2 additional loan periods.  See borrowing chart above.  You may also renew your materials online at catalog.oslri.net/patroninfo .  


Books, magazines, and audio/video materials borrowed from Cranston libraries may be returned to any RI public library.  Breakable items such as Bingeboxes and Cool Tools must be returned to the owning location ($5 fee if returned to a non-Cranston library)

All Cranston locations have book and audio/video drops available for your convenience 24 hours per day. (The Auburn branch drops are open only when the branch is closed.)



When signing up for a library card, you must choose whether you would like to receive due date reminders and overdue notifications via phone or email. As an additional option, you may opt-in to SMS/text notification from your smart phone or mobile device by following the directions here


If we are closed for a holiday, snow storm, or other weather event, your lending period will be extended for that day.  


The Pay Online button can be found by going to the OSL Catalog and clicking on the Login to your Account link. Once you enter your name and library card number, you'll have access to several options, including “Pay Online." Click here for more information on paying fines online.


Cardholders accept responsibility for all items checked out on their card.  Library cards are non-transferable. Report lost cards or a change in address as soon as possible. You will be charged for lost or damaged materials.  R.I. Gen. Laws 11-41-14 



The Cranston Public Library strives to provide our patrons with a collection of materials that are in good condition, including books that are free from food stains and water damage, and dvds and cds that are not scratched or cracked.

 Because of these operational standards and our responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, we may have to charge you full replacement costs if you return items that are: 

    • Stained with food, drinks, or other residue
    • Wet or moldy
    • Missing pages or covers; torn, cut, or chewed
    • Marked up by pencil, ink, marker, or highlighter
    • Discs that have deep scratches, scrapes, or cracks
    • In an unusable condition due to neglect

We do not accept replacement copies of lost or damaged materials.